About Us

The Three Sisters Village is wholly focused on deepening our relationship with the Land through a child-led, play-based curriculum.

Our seasonal programs are designed to tap into the mystery and wonder of Mother Nature year-round, and our facility is designed to foster holistic growth and development.

Our Team

Marie Sorensen

This is us, Founder and CEO of The Three Sisters Village. A family on an ever evolving journey.

Doing life together has allowed us to experience beautiful moments and bumps along the way. We value learning together and from one another. Here at the Homestead we have found a new sense of freedom and purpose unfolding before our very eyes on a daily basis.

This is truly a place to be and grow & a place for the village to flourish.


Hi! I’m Julia,  Cofounder and Guide at The Three Sisters Village.

These three are the ones who give me deep belly laughs.

From that space of joy, I feel inspired to take adventures to new nature spots and paint the flowers coming up in my garden. I love spontaneity, loud music accompanied by dancing, and star gazing while camping.

Spending time watching children play (and joining in when invited) is what keeps me feeling alive.


Hi! I’m Caroline (Caro-Lynn). I also go by Caro or Cece.

I am Cofounder and COO of The Three Sisters Village, and this, is my little family amongst the village.

We're incredibly grateful to be a part of such a wonderful community. Grateful to have the opportunity to surround ourselves and grow with the families joining us on our ever evolving journey.

The Village is home – a place to learn, connect, and develop both ourselves and each other.

The Homestead

And how we came to be...

This is a story that perhaps began long ago, before I was made aware of an inner calling.  “The whispers” as I refer to them now first appeared as a hum, or a buzzing of sorts after going back to work when our first child Mateo was just shy of one year.  Although I enjoyed being back in the classroom surrounded by children with whom I shared a special bond, the one child I was yearning to spend time bonding with, was my own.  I remember one picture in particular that I received from his caregiver.  Mateo sitting in a room with beautiful dim lighting, holding a small book.  I tried to imagine what he was thinking and feeling wishing I could be a part of this moment filled with wonder.

When our second son Liam made his way into this world, I was fortunate enough to be home with both of my children for almost 2 years.  While I was grateful to spend all this time together, getting through the days with two young children felt overwhelming at times.  On those days, we went outside.  Accompanied by Mother Nature is when life felt most harmonious. This feeling was also a whisper.  A little louder, and one I felt through my entire body.  It fueled me up and gave me life when I needed it most.

Going back to work after that, I kept looking for ways to do things differently in order to feel more aligned. Going from homeroom to prep teacher, teaching part time, switching schools to be closer to home, taking my teaching outdoors as much as possible.  I did the same thing when it came to our children’s schooling. Wondering if they should start attending at an older age, sending them to school part time, trying to find an alternative to school, always questioning if I was making the “right” decisions for me and our family. I wanted to alleviate the pressure of my teaching job and break free of societal norms and expectations.

Then….Covid happened.  A time where the whispers now reverberated from every cell in my body. As one of my dearest friends put it - The universe was calling and I finally picked up!

The events that followed paved the path to what was calling me forward.  I seeked out the support and guidance of a life coach, committed to a business mentorship program, connected with like minded families, started homeschooling our children alongside the wonderful Julia, found and moved to a new home, had our daughter Ophelia and co-founded The Three Sisters Village.

Life at the Homestead was written in the stars long ago.  Today, we are so grateful to be sharing its gifts with anyone also seeking a place to BE and GROW.

– Marie Sorensen, Founder and CEO