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It takes a village.

Three Sisters Village is a Forest and Nature school offering a community-focused, holistic approach to education and development.

The Three Sisters Village
The Three Sisters Village

Why Forest and Nature?

Connecting to land and nature

The Forest and Nature educational ethos and learning environment centres itself around Land and the child-at-play. Our space allows participants to engage with and foster an appreciation for the environment, forming deep connections with the spaces that surround us.

Unstructured Play

Forest and Nature educational environments emphasize unstructured and risky play as a key component of growth – physically, mentally, and spiritually. Allowing participants to engage in activities that excite them – and which they are curious about – with the support of caring facilitators is critical to development.

Fundamental living skills

The Forest and Nature environment encourage the fostering of essential living skills – from land harvesting and live animal care to meaningful engagements. Settled at the Three Sisters Village Homestead, participants will learn about sustainable living practices and be given the space necessary to develop symbiotic relationships with the environments and all living things that surround them.

Our Programs

Programs at The Three Sisters Village have been designed with community in mind.

Our Homestead offers a holistic approach to education and development, allowing participants to lead their own learning path across intellectual, spiritual, physical, and emotional spaces.

Kinder-Garden Program

At The Three Sisters Village, we are intentionally stepping into the re-creation of the children’s garden.

We offer a space for children to be and grow exactly as they are. Allowing them to lead their own inquiries, engage in active exploration and most importantly, experience the joy and wonder of play.

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Fall Sessions

Fall brings with it bounty – the season of harvest.

The 12-week Fall Sessions curriculum emphasizes preparation for life, just as animals and fields must be prepared for the harvest and winter that follows.

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Winter Sessions

Just like mother nature, winter is a time for rest and relaxation.

Our 8-week Winter Sessions curriculum incorporates a combination of indoor and outdoor activities at the Homestead, providing the space and time necessary to learn, grow, and rejuvenate for the busy seasons to come.

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Spring Sessions

Spring is a time of blossom – an opportunity to connect with the flourishing world around us as it awakens from winter.

The 12-week Spring Session revolves around preparing ourselves and our environment for the warmth ahead. Planting new life, aiding the re-entry from torpor, welcoming longer days and all that they bring.

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Founded for Individual Development

Three Sisters Forest and Nature School is a place to be and grow. In our community, we trust and celebrate the uniqueness of every individual by cultivating an environment of choice and freedom.

Our vision is to provide the tools and environment for learning at a pace and rhythm that is unique to every child. We believe that play IS education. We aspire to build a community and nurture connections with all living things, trusting that we have so much to learn from one another.

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